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Dec 17, 2020

Field Notes podcast series from Koch Agronomic Services breaks down the science and technology behind agronomy to help growers do more with less.

The experts we’ve heard from on our previous episodes have covered topics ranging from how different crops use nitrogen to the 4R’s of Nutrient Stewardship and how growers and retailers work together to choose the best input for an operation. If you haven’t checked out the previous prior eight episodes, you can find them on your favorite podcast platform.

In this episode, we discuss the relationship between Koch Agronomic Services and Koch Fertilizer. You’ll hear from Tim Laatsch, director of agronomy for North America for Koch Agronomic Services, and Scott Boyd, director of sales for Koch Fertilizer in the western U.S. They’ll explain how the two businesses work together to bring innovative products to market to help growers protect their nitrogen investment and touch on what the fertilizer industry anticipates for spring.